Two Postdoctoral Researchers in Tumor-Microenvironment and AI Lab, University of New Mexico

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Job Listing posted by Avinash Sahu
Mon May 1, 2023


Tumor-Microenvironment & AI (TumorAI) lab ( at UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center seeks two postdoctoral researchers in AI and computational biology to join our interdisciplinary team. The lab focuses on improving cancer treatments by developing novel diagnostic methods and utilizing AI and statistical approaches. Our team is dedicated to developing computational approaches for drugs and gene targets by interfacing immuno-oncology with AI/statistical approaches.


Compensation and location: We offer a minimum starting salary of $70,000+, commensurate with computation skillset and experience in Albuquerque. Albuquerque's cost of living is low (e.g. 45% lower than NYC). Our lab is against “cheap labor” and unjustified low salaries for postdocs. We believe in postdocs for their talent, professional, and technical skills (ref


Postdoctoral researchers will develop independent research projects aligning with our mission and contribute to ongoing projects in developing computational approaches for: 1) personalized approaches for targeting tumor heterogeneity, 2) new immunotherapeutic targets and agents by targeting tumor immune microenvironment, and 3) statistical analysis of single cell data. We offer interdisciplinary mentorship in oncology and immunology from Cancer Center researchers, and in AI and statistic from leaders from Harvard. Our lab has extensive expertise in obtaining Young investigator grants from NIH, Foundations, and Pharma and Tech companies, as well as UNMCCC is a leader in this part of the country with a track record junior researchers obtaining NCI grants. Postdoc researchers will be trained and encouraged to apply for grants and fellowships (e.g. Michelson Prize, NIH K, Burroughs Welcome Foundation ) to advancing their careers.


• Learning and developing AI and statistical approaches for cancer research

• Analyzing clinical and genomic data

• Contributing to research publications and grants. Learn and apply for career development grants.

• Attending relevant workshops to develop computational biology, bioinformatics, and computational immunology skills.


• PhD in computer science, engineering, physics, data sciences, or a related field OR PhD life sciences, biology, immunology, or a related field with computational training.

• Experience in data analysis with computational data tools (R, Python).

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

To apply, please send your CV and a 1-page research interest in TumorAI lab to Avi Sahu at with subject line “Postdoctoral Application”. Let's make a difference together, join us in mission to fight cancer through AI. Visit for more job opportunities.

Closing Date

May 1, 2024

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