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Job Listing posted by Ryan Kober
Tue Sep 5, 2023


The Research Software Developer position is in the software development team at the Ideker lab ( in the UCSD School of Medicine, a lab known for its friendly, inclusive, and collaborative environment. The software development team has a strong track record of mentoring and skills development. The lab performs bioinformatics research coupled with wet-lab investigations. We work in network biology, data-driven hierarchical modeling, and machine learning applied to biomedicine. The Ideker lab also supports multiple open-source software projects, some with 10K+ users.

The Research Software Developer will work under the supervision of the senior members of the software development team on a wide range of projects.

The incumbent will assist in creating and maintaining software and websites supporting researchers in the Ideker laboratory. In this role, they will work closely with graduate students, postdocs, and senior researchers. They will be well integrated into the lab's research and be expected to understand the methods and algorithms in use byor being developed by the researchers. They will participate in the productization cutting-edge research, making techniques broadly available via toolkits, web applications, and web services. In some cases, they will contribute tothe writing of grant proposals and academic papers.

The incumbent will also participate in the development, production, and support of the open-source software projects Cytoscape and NDEx. (,

In this work, they will use multiple technologies (both front-end, back-end, and database). They must successfully acquire skills in new programming languages and environments, packages, and databases as the needs of the lab develop.

Uses professional bioinformatics concepts. Applies computational procedures to resolve a variety of analysis and research issues. Works on assignments of moderate scope where analysis of data requires a review of a variety of factors. Assists in additional analyses as needed to achieve research objectives.

Closing Date

Oct 31, 2023

Tags: Software development Machine learning Network biology